Welcome to my blog

by Vikram Kone 3. January 2011 15:40

Welcome to my blog. ! These are some of the features of this blog

1.BlogEngine.NET platform 

BlogEngine.NET is a homegrown blogging engine developed by a Microsoftee and open sourced. Doesn't need a database backend (take that wordpress !). Less moving parts the better in my book.

Since this is built on ASP.NET and uses XML to store the posts, I can tinker it to my hearts content, rather than limiting myself to fiddling with CSS to change the layout. I plan on adding some self made  widgets and extensions to this blog in future. So I'm clearly excited around the possibilities of using the .NET stack for the blog.

2. Hosted on Adhost

I chose adhost as my hosting provider as opposed to BlueHost or GoDaddy or DreamHost etc, for the following reasons.

A) It's free for MS Employees :)

B) Uses Win2008R2 server and IIS to host the site. Also provides MS SQL server 2008 support.

C) Its soon going to support IIS WebDeploy in Visual Studio 2010 and WebMatrix.My favorite feature of all

3. Feedback Widget

I have added a feedback widget to the blog . You can see the red "feedback" tab floating on the right side ->

This is powered by UserVoice. Its quite nice, and you should definitely incorporate it in your blog, if you can :)

4. Disqus commenting system

BlogEngine supports disquscommenting system out of the box. I love Disqus because it not only allows your readers to comment anonymously but also they can login using FB, Twitter, OpenID etc to comment. Its being used on TechCrunch and Engadget sites among others and I like the analytics that it provides.

5. Auto publish using dlvr.it

I have setup a free account with dlvr.it to auto publish my blogs to facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and Buzz. So now all my friends and followers get the links to my blogs as soon as I publish automatically w/o me doing any additional work. Sweet.

I will keep adding more feature to the blog over the time, to keep myself interested in this thing.


P.S. This is my 3rd post on one blog....so broke my jinx ..yayyyyy !

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